Sofia Nikabadze

Sofia Nikabadze

Doctor-therapist, surgeon

Meet our doctor Sofo Nikabadze: dentist, child and adolescent therapist-surgeon.

5 years of practical work experience.


2008-2013 St. Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry.
2014-2015 residency in therapeutic dentistry at the "Dentistry Clinic and Training-Research Center of Unident".
15.03-15.06.2017 Subspecialty Program in Oral Dentistry "Tbilisi State Medical University" Institute of Post-Diploma Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development.

Attended seminars and practical courses:

• 2014 GDPA/UNIDENT - direct restoration of frontal and chewing teeth, speaker Alexander Festich.
• 2014 GDPA/UNIDENT - Dentistry with high standards.
• 2014 GDPA/UNIDENT/GDA – 2014 Georgia-Ukraine Congress of Dentists.
• 2015 DENTAL MARKET - theory and master class, use of EPIC laser in dental practice.
• 2016 GDPA/HB DENT – Management of periodontal, oral mucosa diseases and control in stomatology.
• 2017 TOKUYAMA DENTAL - Evolution of restoration methods with direct composite material.

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