Nino Malazonia-Gelashvili

Nino Malazonia-Gelashvili

Doctor-therapist, general surgeon, periodontologist.

With 20 years of practical work experience.

GSPI Sakrtvelo periodontology and implantology community-organizational group member.
SIDP Member of the Italian Society of Implantology and Periodontology
Member of EFP European International Association of Periodontologists

1995-2001 Medical Institute Faculty of Dentistry.
2007 residency in general surgery.
2019, 2023 AIPS International School of Periodontology: Ponservative and Surgical Periodontology.

Attended seminars and practical courses:
• 2015. Association of Periodontists of Georgia Conference on "Guidelines of Surgical Periodontology".
• 2015. Sat. Conference of periodontologists "in laser periodontology".
• 2015. Application of complex clinical association to treatment periodontology at the frontier of orthodontics.
• 2016. Rome. Practical course in the methods of surgical treatment of periodontology at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).
• 2018. Modern methods of periodontological therapeutic treatment (Marisa Roscat - speaker) - master class optimal ways of cases.
• Conservative and surgical treatment of AIPS Albius perioscle.
• 2019. Practical course on ultrasonic instrumentation of the root. Speakers - Michel Renners and Gilles Gagno Acteoni.
• 2017. Itop individual oral hygiene training.
• 2019. Participant of the congresses of the Association of Dentists of Georgia (GSA).
• 2021. Periocampus International - training course ——modern methods of periodontal treatment. Filippo Graziani.
• 2022. Endodontic surgical treatment of a difficult clinical case - Arnaldo Castellucci.
• 2022. Copenhagen Europerio10 International Congress of the European Periodontology Association.
• 2022. Orthopedic - implantological - periodontological treatment protocols of complex clinical cases. Speakers-#StefanoParmaBenfenati #GiulianoMaino.
• 2023. Italian 21 International Congress SIDP Società Italiana di Parodontologia e Implantologia —- International Congress of the Italian Society of Implantology and Periodontology.
• 2023. Laser techniques in dentistry, advantages and limitations. Speaker — Yulia Cherepinska.
• 2023. Reconstructive periodontal and peri-implant plastic surgery in Bolonia Aesthetic Zina. Giovanni Zucchelli.


Vector - used to treat gums,
Laser - multi-profile diode laser in dentistry,
EMS - the latest Swiss technology for deep cleaning of the gums.

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